Startups and New Business
Our professionals help clients with starting new businesses. For example, we advise on entity selection by suggesting the best way to structure the business (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, LLC) for tax purposes. If you have a business plan, we can provide a review to diagnose any problem areas. There are many factors to consider, and we will help you avoid mistakes. Proper planning is paramount. Bass also assists with:

Selection of entity structure to fit your needs, registration and application for Tax ID number.
Thorough review of business plan. 
Determination of capital needs and introductions to lenders.
Identifying the proper accounting software for your business. 
Budget preparation and interpretation.
Assist in establishing billing and collections protocols for your business. 
Formation of procedures to monitor and control costs.
Checklist for preparation of all required state and local licenses and permits.
Payroll considerations and filing.
Evaluate and recommend business insurance for your specific business.  

Small Business Accounting
All business owners are busy running their day-to-day operations. Bass helps small businesses grow by creating effective management information systems. We can customize a package of accounting services priced to keep your business competitive, while taking the administrative pain out of running your everyday operations. Our staff will handle your bookkeeping and accounting needs, including:

Monthly Operating Statements
Bank Reconciliations
Audit Trails
Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Statements
Financial Graphs
Internal Financial Statements and Managerial Reports
General Journal and Subsidiary Ledger Maintenance
Bank statement Reconciliation:  We can reconcile your bank balance every month and advise you of any bank charges, bank errors or arithmetic mistakes on your part so you know exactly how much cash is available.
Receivables and Payables Tracking and Analysis
Data Entry
Invoicing and Bill Pay
Software Consultation, Installation and Training
Software Solutions for Businesses

Controller Services
Bass provides you with outsourced services when the carrying cost of a full-time professional may be prohibitive, or you are concerned that a full-time person may not be required. Outsourced CFO and Controller Services provide you with:

An outside resource to monitor and prevent theft within your organization. 
Establish and monitor budgets. 
Review current services and provide cost effectiveness analysis.  
Evaluate business procedures and assist in training your staff.  
The ability to establish additional services, focus on customer acquisition and other day-to-day operations of your business.
Evaluation of current business procedures to better control expenses.  
Coordinate efforts on your behalf with law firms, financial institutions, vendors and other business related consultants.  
Assistance in obtaining financing from banks, including assistance with negotiations.
Evaluate and recommend business insurance for your specific business and assist with competitive bidding. 
Development of company accounting procedure manuals.
Evaluation of equipment lease/purchases and suggest financing options. 
Creation of collection policies and procedures specific to your business.
Work with key management and staff to determine short term and long term goals of the business.