Marketing and Creative Services
Bass understands both the traditional and new media worlds.
Our Marketing and Creative Services integrate your print and direct mail marketing with your digital marketing efforts.

Using our cross-channel marketing solutions, we work with you through all phases of your campaign. We start with creative development and database management to ensure you are touching the right audience with the right design and implement your campaign with our suite of services.

Our Marketing & Creative Services include:

Marketing Strategy
We strategize, develop and implement targeted and integrated marketing and fundraising campaigns.

Graphic Design
We help your organization grow and thrive through well-designed graphics and visuals.

We make exceptional copywriting seem effortless!
Behind the scenes, you’ll find insights, intention, strategic revisions and crucial decisions.

Communicate quality through the use of professional photography.

Bring your brand to life with compelling video.
From creative concept through the editing process, we get your brand story just right.

Social Media
We specialize in social media marketing for small to medium-sized businesses and nonprofits.
Bass Staffing will take the challenges of social media off your shoulders.

 Reach your audience in the medium they prefer for marketing messages.

Personalized URLs
 Our custom personalized URL (PURL) campaigns specifically target information
to meet individual customers’ or prospects’ needs.

Spirit Advertising
Reach local emerging customers and families while supporting local schools.
Our partnerships with booster clubs ensure your promotional products will make an impact.

Mobile Giving & Marketing
Move into the future of marketing communications!
Integrate mobile marketing/fundraising into your digital communications mix.

SMS "Text" Marketing
SMS Marketing works for every type of business! Using a single text message,
merchants can contact their entire customer base at a moment’s notice!  Staying connected to your customers helps you to:

Retain your existing customers by keeping them informed and interested
Increase floor traffic on slower days
Build your customer base through referrals from existing customers
Interact with your customers through polls, contests and more!

Give your customers what they want by getting to know them with customizable data collection campaigns. 
Many businesses in today’s market are focused on external marketing programs that target new customers.  While constantly seeking the next new customer, business owners often overlook the loyal customer base that returns to their business time and time again.  If the merchant’s primary objective is to constantly bring in new business, they may miss out on the potential opportunity with their existing customers!
Customers are more loyal when they are rewarded for their patronage and they feel appreciated.
Historically, loyal customers will continue to return to the business and will spend more than new customers.
Bass Staffing offers merchants the opportunity to build a list of their loyal customer base.
Customers can easily join the program by simply texting a Keyword to our 563.794.4414.
Returning customers will also share their positive experience with others through word of mouth.
The business owner can then send periodic messages (offering coupons, discounts, specials and MORE!)
to the customers that have already joined.
Offering rewards for customer loyalty promotes repeat customers which increases floor traffic,
generates more sales and INCREASES REVENUE!

Door to Door Canvassing
 Business is built on sales. If your target is residential sales there are few marketing options as effective as door to door sales. Although effective door to door sales are expensive. With Bass we are able to roll out your campaign for a fraction of what in house canvassing would cost you. Our canvassers are experienced and proven in door to door sales and our canvassing management team knows what neighborhoods are best to target for your campaign.

Local Telemarketing
Looking to call local businesses or consumers? Bass has you covered. Let us make your campaign more effective by calling your targets at the right time. Bass boasts the area's largest business and consumer cell phone lists complete with full names, ages and addresses.

​Direct Mail Marketing & Fulfillment
Bass handles direct mail marketing projects from concept and design to printing and mailing. From direct mail letters, postcards, and self-mailers to variable data direct mail marketing, Bass Staffing can help you reach your target audience faster, more accurately and at the best postal rates available. We specialize in complex match mailings. Along with our fulfillment services, we can handle all the details of your multi-component projects.
Direct mail marketing offers businesses and nonprofit organizations entry into target markets’ homes and offices. Direct mail can be used as a stand-alone marketing communication, or a dynamic direct mail piece can be utilized as the first phase of a campaign to entice the recipient to visit a personal landing page or call for more information.

Our marketing and design services  follows start-of-the-art market practices and will consult with you to create an effective campaign. As a customer, we will communicate with you at every step of your direct mail project. Finally, our data and mailing specialists work with you to target and acquire the best mailing list for your direct mail campaign to increase response rates and achieve the most affordable postage rates available for your projects.

Bass Staffing's direct mail marketing services include:
Postal analysis for compliance issues and cost savings
Data analysis and list purchasing
High-speed addressing and barcoding
Black and full-color variable printing
Automated inserting with electronic eyes for accurate mail matching
Automated tabbing
Soft spot gluing
Stamp and label affixing
Kitting and custom fulfillment
Commingling and drop ship options
Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)
International mailing
Fulfillment Services

One place that stores inventory. Another that addresses labels. Yet another that sorts data. 
Wouldn’t it be easier to have all of your mailing and fulfillment services handled by one point of contact?

Bass can handle all the details of your multi-component projects – from packing and drop shipping to overseeing a complex database management for direct mail marketing campaigns. We ensure your pieces meet postal regulations and your campaigns achieve results.