Social Networks Serviced

Bass is experienced in Facebook Page management and Facebook Page moderation. As part of our community management services, we keep on top of the frequent changes to Facebook and always advise clients when these changes may impact their brand.

Bass manages multiple Twitter feeds for many of our clients: creating and posting content, engaging, reaching out, responding to queries, triage and escalation to customer service. We moderate live events which use Twitter aggregators, such as conferences, social media TV events and election nights. 

We manage Google+ accounts providing similar services to our Facebook accounts. We stay abreast of Google+ news and changes and always advise clients when these changes could impact or improve their Google+ services.

Pinterest is growing in popularity as brands start to explore its possibilities. Our social media management teams have been busy moderating comments, engaging with other pinners and handling invites on their behalf. 

As a part of our social network management services, we moderate many of our clients’ YouTube channels, making sure that comments stay clean and relevant, protecting both viewers and the brand’s reputation.

Bass is able to set up and manage user profiles and company pages across the leading B2B community. Our community management experience helps brands to develop active and engaged audience on LinkedIn groups.

Social Media Services

Bass currently offers user generated content (UGC) moderation and brand protection services around the clock.  We regularly monitor and moderate user generated content on all social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Vine) news media, advertising campaigns and forums.  Our online moderators judge competitions, triage live Twitter feeds, moderate audio, video, text and images. We use technology and tools to help us, but our moderators are all highly trained, with a deep cultural understanding of the projects they are working on.

Community Management
Community managers guide the development and maintain the health of online communities.  Through moderation, long-term engagement, community managers support social media campaigns, develop content strategy, create and manage social media content, conduct social listening and reporting, data analysis and provide input to support your social media strategy. The mix of skills required varies from project to project and depends on each organisation’s social media strategy and objectives.

Our social media managers will work with you to define what you need to do to nurture or grow your community, to enhance your brand, to increase customer engagement and retention, and to drive uptake of your social media campaigns. We evaluate your current social media strategy – or develop a strategy for you. We can also support your with social media planning – both for short-term and long-term strategic goals.

Bass can recommend and support the implementation of social listening tools to analyse what your customers are saying about your brand and gauge the effectiveness of your social media campaigns and use that information to define your social media strategy. We also create a detailed content strategy, set up an editorial calendar, produce and curate content to ensure your social media campaigns resonate with your audience.

Social Listening
Social listening tools allow you to track mentions of your organisation, your product and your services. More importantly, they allow you to quickly identify negative conversations, and any potential brand crisis allowing you to work with your PR, customer service and social media teams to resolve issues. Additionally, social listening can monitor positive sentiment, emotion and intent to purchase. It can even predict what people will think of a future product or service.

Our social media experts can scale social listening to your brand’s needs, monitoring brand mentions in all the countries you operate, and in multiple languages if required. We can provide support to your own social media manager or in-house activities, or support you with individual initiatives. These include:

social media crisis monitoring and crisis communications
quickly identifying issues and guiding you how to respond appropriately on different social media channels

identifying online influencers
to see if they can become advocates for your brand

monitoring sentiment
to understand what is being said, by who and where; we can also advise on turning around negative sentiment

product development
gathering feedback to understand customer response to new or existing products

customer service
listening to customer conversations and implementing their feedback in your business

buzz tracking

around specific marketing campaigns, press releases, slogans or seasonal promotions

reputation management
addressing issues and tackling them quickly

competitor analysis

understand the latest trends and sentiment in your industry sector

joining the conversation

listening allows you to be proactive and talk back to consumers and fans

Competitor Benchmarking
Measuring your social media performance is important, but it’s only useful if you’re tracking the right things. Our social media competitor benchmarking service gives you a clearer picture of your brand’s impact by only measuring the things which truly reflect how your brand is doing, and how your competitors stack up as well.

Our competitive benchmarking tracks your unique set of competitors, allowing you to make the right decisions to increase your social media effectiveness. Whether you want ongoing strategic insights or just a single snapshot, our competitive benchmarking can be adapted to your needs to provide the strategic recommendations your brand needs to get ahead.

Crisis Management
Avoid turning a crisis into a social media disaster. Social media crisis training can help your team minimize the damage to your brand’s reputation. Experience the closest thing to managing a live social media crisis. Our simulation software provides a secure environment in which to practice managing social channels and testing your crisis communications in a live crisis situation.

We work with you to create a realistic crisis scenario, then develop how that scenario would play out over different social channels. The client team practices how they would manage their online communities and crisis communications in each situation. Meanwhile, a team of experienced community managers mimic the public response, to give a realistic simulation.
This can be used as a 3-hour training tool, or as part of a full-scale immersive crisis simulation.